Robin Lock
PG dipl landschapsarchitectuur
B.Sc. bosbouw



EcoSCAPE is an office of landscape architecture and garden design. Directive of EcoSCAPE is the harmony between the living space, the enviroment and people for all variety of spaces, be it office space, parks, a garden, a playing field for kids or a green field.  
Obviously EcoSCAPE designs with a sustainable philosophy but directed by the client. We look into use of local materials and knowledge, less is more, re-use materials where possible and look into sustainable lighting amongst others.

A park, a garden, a natural area, an office plaza etc. needs to be an ESCAPE from our hectic life. It needs to be a place of serenity, a place for mental rest, which is different from each of us. EcoSCAPE works closely with clients to secure the right space.

Green Regards, Robin Lock